Soleil Health puts the light
on promoting psychological

Soleil Health allows you to achieve a state of psychological wellbeing in which you can realize your own abilities and grow into the person you desire to be.

Why it is important to promote
psychological wellbeing

Mental Health Spectrum

Soleil Health provides you with the scientific tools and measurements to improve your psychological wellbeing and maintain it over the long term.

We believe that mental health apps can only be effective when combined with the right level of psychological support.

This is how we built Soleil Health.

It is created by psychologists with 40 years of combined experience in private practice, having helped more than 2,000 clients feel better about themselves.





With Soleil Health

All psychological measures and techniques are evidence-based

Real-world experience is incorporated in Soleil Health’s design

Soleil’s interventions are backed by scientific research

These interventions are personalized to meet your unique needs, rather than applying a generic, “one size fits all” approach

The program at the core of Soleil Health has a proven track record of success with 95% of users who completed Soleil reporting improved self-love and overall psychological wellbeing

The Core of Soleil Health

Building psychological wellbeing starts with building self-esteem. Extensive scientific evidence has identified that higher levels of self esteem lead to better mental health and psychological wellbeing.

The most basic task for one’s mental, emotional and social health, which begins in infancy and continues until one dies, is the construction of your positive self-esteem. (World Health Organization, 2019)

The benefits of self-esteem are multiple:

  • Positive self-esteem is a key feature of mental health and psychological wellbeing and a protective factor against future mental health issues.
  • Self-esteem has also been found to be the most dominant and powerful predictor of happiness.
  • In contrast, lower or poorer self esteem is associated with a broad range of mental disorders and social problems, both internalizing problems (e.g. depression, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders and anxiety) and externalizing problems (e.g. violence and substance abuse).

Enhancing self esteem is critical to the improvement of your psychological health.

At the beginning, Soleil Health takes you on a self-esteem journey that we refer to as a ‘self love’ journey. This is to reflect that fact people lacking self-esteem tend to feel more self-doubt than self love. Soleil Health will help change this.

By incorporating scientific measures into the Soleil Health journey, we get to know you and each and every one of our users. We measure and report on your unique profile, and offer your actions based on your key needs.

Once you have completed Soleil Health’s core journey, our solution then offers a number of additional journeys according to your needs to continually boost your psychological wellbeing.

Other benefits of achieving
psychological wellbeing

The two unique layers
of Soleil

Your digital journey to psychological wellbeing

Our offer to you: a unique 5-step digital journey to build your confidence and self-love in just a few weeks, combined with the offer to become a coach or just engage with trained Soleil coaches.

Your psychological wellbeing data

Soleil uses innovative data-driven psychological insights to support you in your daily life to feel better and understand who you are.

Join the Soleil journey