Unleash your potential

We believe that feeling good comes from feeling connected with yourself. While many of us spend hours dedicated to how we look on the outside, many of us neglect what lies within, beneath our skin. Our sense of self.

We understand it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to building a strong sense of self and improving psychological wellbeing. That’s why we created Soleil Health – to assist you in navigating the seasons of being human, making psychological tools more easily accessible.

The Soleil Health team is a combination of individuals tied together and strongly motivated to help every human being enhance their psychological wellbeing. Our journey started with an initial program, Soleil, created by Dr Michelle Roesler and Dr Despina Sfakinos in 2015 to help improve the wellbeing of young women. This program has been successfully tested and cross-culturally validated in private practice with 200 females. The results have been outstanding with 95% of people who completed the program reporting improved self-love and overall wellbeing.

Dr Roesler and Dr Sfakinos had always had the idea of making their program available to women globally. This dream became a reality when they met individuals who shared the same vision and purpose, and offered complementary skill sets, Marten Strotkoetter and Edwige Guinet. Together, they decided to embrace the journey of helping everyone, everywhere, have access to the tools for enhancing their psychological wellbeing.


Michelle Roesler, PhD

Data-driven Psychology

PhD in Psychology, First Class Honours, Practicum Doctorate, Mentor, Lecturer in the field of personality and organizational psychology.

Despina Sfakinos, PhD

Soleil Coaching

PhD in Coaching Psychology. Extensive knowledge in leadership, self-awareness, employee well-being and workplace performance. Develops advanced coach training.