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Soleil Health takes you on a unique digital journey to develop key psychological skills and is based on the very latest research findings in psychology.

Learn to Love Yourself
Build self-love by learning key psychological skills for life through a beautifully designed journey

Boost Your Self-love Whenever You Need It
Get recommendations to feel better about yourself and gain more confidence

Master Yourself & Realize Your Potential
Access your psychological profile to understand yourself better and enhance your psychological wellbeing

Soleil Health combines psychology and digital coaching and is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

> 95%

of people who completed the Soleil Health’s journey reported improved self-esteem and overall wellbeing

6 = 5

6 weeks of Soleil Health is equal to 5 sessions with a self-esteem coach

Our Expertise

Self Love & Self-Esteem

Our team has worked in the field of psychology for over 20 years and have literally seen thousands of women. We have expertise in helping women develop their self-esteem, self love and confidence.

Data-Driven Assessment & Predictive Modeling

Assessment is an important part of building self-esteem. Our team knows how to assess clients and what the data means. With the aid of data, it becomes possible to pinpoint the best strategies to implement for an individual’s growth and development.

Coaching & Supportive Interaction

Our team knows what it means to support the individual. We utilise the information from the clients and the results from their assessments to implement the very best strategies possible to help women become better versions of themselves.

What Our Users Said

Soleil was simply amazing. It has made a huge difference to my life and I feel well equipped to deal with the future.

– Eloise, 24 years, early tester

Soleil helped me to work on myself as I never believed I could. I really appreciate this kind of support as my surrounding
couldn’t give me that.

– Sofia, 31 years, early tester

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